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Boost consumer contact with a strong pattern of posts.

Why Sharpen Your Social Media Content?

1 %
of consumers are looking for posts that...

teach them something.

1 %
of consumers are more likely to research...

a product or service recommended on social by a friend.

1 %
of social marketers indicate...

needing a dedicated resource for content development.

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Our Features

Striking Content

Because many business social media posts get lost in a sea of ordinariness, The Formey Touch focuses on creating uncommon content for you. We build in magnetic hooks—using headlines, captions, and images that snag interest. Slanting your content toward your target audience's needs, problems, desires, and dreams, we develop captivating posts that educate and inspire.

Post Variety

We follow the research. To boost each post's engagement potential, we base its foundation on proven design metrics. Our creations reflect the elements that studies show work best on the various social media platforms. That way the appropriate mix of text, images, links, hashtags, and emojis speaks the language you need to connect with your audience.

Fresh Material

We develop a content strategy before putting together even the first post for you. That way you avoid the pitfall of stale content. Working with you to determine the best means for generating post engagement, we draw from more than 40 options. Not only will we plan series of posts for each of your pages, but also we can help you respond to industry shifts and breaking news.

Did You Know?

You can get more likes, comments, shares, and clicks by following the best practices for each social media platform, e.g., optimal day and time to post.