We take into account multiple factors when calculating speed of delivery. Typically, we estimate a finish date based on project complexity, aim, “raw material,” and start date.

Yes. Our communications specialist fields all initial inquiries and will respond to you by email. Once we confirm the start of your project, your assigned writer will be in touch. Together, you’ll determine the best means for communicating during the work process. 

Fixed fees are reserved for documents and/or services of predictable length and complexity. Variable pricing applies to more intricate jobs. The groupings on our pricing page reflect this policy.

We produce work designed to give you a high return on investment. Our prices reflect the depth of our processes and the value of our expertise. Our writers’ world-class training and experience, fueled by their commitment to customer satisfaction, mean we take extraordinary care to give you the best. As in other industries, our outstanding quality stems from exceptional devotion to detail.

For projects with a fee of $1,000 or less, a nonrefundable advance payment of 50% of the project’s total service price must be made. When the fee is greater than $1,000, an advance payment of 33% of the total service price must be remitted. During the term of service, should any extensive reworking be required as a result of an approved amendment request, additional charges will be assessed and added to the final payment, which must be made prior to delivery of your final draft.

Once we confirm your order, we’ll connect you to the appropriate payment portal, where we accept the following credit/debit cards:  Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover.

Because The Formey Touch prizes customer satisfaction, we work hard to deliver final products that exceed your expectations. To help us achieve an exceptional outcome, we manage our intake process very well. Before we start your project, we make sure (1) we know just what you’re looking for and (2) you understand how we’re going to deliver it. As your project dictates, we’ll reach out to you with questions, concerns, and updates. And, of course, you’re welcome to contact us.

Our Terms & Conditions page details how we make necessary adjustments after discussing your project’s proof copy with you. It also explains our final draft revisions policy and our refund policy.

Unless you direct us in writing to do otherwise, we don’t share any information you provide us or any content we produce for you with a party who is not a necessary work fulfillment or delivery partner. (Please see our Privacy Policy for full details, including legal and security exceptions.)

If we have the capacity to do so, making a few minor revisions to your final draft won’t be a problem. Please read our final draft revisions policy (in our Terms & Conditions), though, so you’re aware of applicable restrictions and fees.

Our writers reside in Savannah, GA; Minneapolis, MN; and New York, NY. And, thanks to technology and the nature of our services, we can “meet” you remotely anywhere to satisfy your writing needs.

We’d love to hear from you. Just reach out to us via our messaging page with any questions or comments, and someone will email you generally within 24 hours. (Weekend and holiday response times may vary.)