seo press release

Infuse your communications with online connectivity.

why use Optimized press releases?

million people get their news online every day...

So spotlighting your events and expertise online is wise.

million people use search engines every day...

So knowing relevant search phrases can be GOLDEN.

1 %
of journalists use Google or Yahoo! to follow news...

So generating search beacons is smart. 

*Source – PRWeb

Our Features

Assured Readability

Ridding a press release of keyword potholes requires skill. While optimizing yours for search engine discovery, we make sure it's designed to catch and keep news professionals' attention. Focusing on clarity and character, we create announcements that flow smoothly.

Ad-Free Appeal

We sell what's interesting and impressive about you and what you do—without directly pitching products or services. That heightens the professionalism you want journalists to sense about you. Showing appropriate sales restraint increases the chances of your press release being taken seriously.

Newsworthy Angle

The Formey Touch will write your press release to maximize newsworthiness. To develop the angle that promises the greatest potential for traction, we'll take into account your story, your aims, and relevant news climates. Using a well-crafted sales approach, we help journalists see the value that sharing your story holds for their audience and advertisers.

Did You Know?

We examine NINE factors to determine the best approach to magnetizing your story: Impact & Scale • Conflict • Timeliness • Proximity • Change & Trends • Prominence • Currency • Human Interest • Exceptionality