media statement

Express yourself with clarity and style.

Why Some Media Statements Falter

Poor Prep

Faulty Info

Trite Phrasing

Wrong Tone

Our Features

  • No matter how pressing the need to make a statement, we prepare well before writing even the first word. We take into account not only present circumstances but also foreseeable occurrences—directly and indirectly related to the issue at hand. 
  • There’s no substitute for having the facts straight. So, vetting sources is an important part of our process. We work to ensure that the details included in your announcement or commentary are as reliable as they can be. Without cracks in its factual foundation, your media statement appears more credible.
  • With words, freshness matters. Unless it’s central to your statement’s message, an overused expression won’t appear in what we write for you. The Formey Touch knows that originality adds noticeable depth to any piece or presentation. Something not likely to be missed by the media.
  • Because tone can live or die in word usage, our writers monitor how it comes across in your statement. From word choice to pacing, we structure your piece or presentation to project an appropriate temperament. We make sure it reflects the image that best serves your purposes.