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Our customers' satisfaction speaks volumes.

“Menia Buckner has a magical touch when it comes to editing documents. She takes my long and winding thoughts and makes them tight, crisp, and readable. Much like an expert seamstress or tailor, Menia gathers loose ends together, puts form to random thoughts, and snips extraneous words away until the document reads well and perfectly fits the audience. My favorite part of the editing process is how I feel when I review the final document: so proud of the product, confident in the grammar and punctuation, and happy that the writing is still in my voice. Whenever I have a written document that I need to be excellent, I know I can count on Menia’s expertise.”
Karen Kelley-Ariwoola
Chief Operating Officer
“When we decided to do a newsletter for one of our clients, a contractor introduced us to Iris. Not only did she name and design this community outreach tool, but also she and her associates interview subjects, write the articles, and handle layout of all of its elements each time we produce an issue.”
Bill Huttinga
Program Director
“Give me and my siblings anything that has to do with nurse management, library science, running a courtroom, office management, customer service, or facilities support and we can handle it. Those are the things we’ve been trained in, that we’re expert at doing. But, in our time of greatest need, compressing our mother’s life story so quickly and beautifully is not something we could've done in the way she deserved. We are so grateful The Formey Touch did just that for us.”
Patricia Sharpe
Nursing Executive
“Menia's gift with words and eye for grammar amaze me! She totally transformed my résumé and cover letter, and I attribute the amount of interviews I was offered to the eye-catching résumé she crafted. I enjoyed her services so much I went back to have her update my documents. If you need to start from scratch or just need an update, Menia is the person for the job!"
Marquita Butler
City Council Member
“I needed some help refreshing my essay writing skills when I decided to return to school. Iris was the perfect person to serve as my guide. With keen insight, she helped me organize my ideas and process, making things so simple I finished in half the time with the best essay I'd ever written.”
McKenzie Brewster
“Working with Menia during my book editing was a very easy process. When writing a book, ease can be difficult to come by. Her professionalism and detailed work made the editing process a breeze. Menia is prompt in responding to any questions along the way. I highly recommend and look forward to working with her again soon."
Jessica Macassi Kuennen
“The Formey Touch upgraded my CV significantly. It's streamlined and now features (in fewer pages) the same details as before, along with my new information. It looks sharper, is better organized, and reads more fluidly. Also, my newly created condensed speaker's bio is just what I need when printing space is limited.”
Dr. Anne McDaniel
Forensic Psychotherapist