brochures & rack cards

Promote your organization with reader-centered copy.

What Detracts From Brochures & Rack Cards

Detached Content

Crowded Format

Style Conflicts

Distracting Fonts

Our Features

  • We design brochures and rack cards from the target customer’s perspective. Using catchy headings and thought-provoking statements, we focus on benefits. Our dynamically written content is geared to trigger a quick connection with prospects and inspire action.
  • Readers love breathing space, so we guard against information overload. Also, ensuring ample margins and vertical spacing (within and between sections), we produce copy that respects print boundaries and provides space to rest the eye.
  • With readability and connection in mind, we develop a writing voice that appropriately reflects your organization’s image and goals. Because we know the power of consistency, we make it a priority throughout.
  • We avoid highly stylized fonts. Primarily using typefaces offering classic appeal, we leave your flair to the words themselves. Thus, our phrasing stands out on its own. And, without competition from overly elaborate fonts, your graphic design can clearly fulfill its artistic role.

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