Service Prices

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Excellence seldom comes at a bargain.

Business promotion tools, job search instruments, and personal heirlooms are investment pieces. Therefore, it’s understandable that premium products typically carry prices that reflect their quality and long-term value.

As professional writing services go, our fees are rarely the lowest or the highest. In determining them, we consider writing complexity, prewriting necessities, formatting requirements, and our expertise and practices.

At The Formey Touch, fixed fees are reserved for documents and/or services of predictable length and complexity. Quoted pricing applies to more intricate jobs.

Fixed-Fee Services

Bio Narratives

Cover Letter

The perfect narrative to introduce a résumé or CV—spotlighting your qualifications for a specific job.



A premium job search tool designed crisply and cleanly for traditional appeal or artistic flair.

$275 – Standard

$400 – Executive I (for junior to mid-level managers)

$675 – Executive II (for senior executives and top-level managers)

$350 – Illustrated Creative (contemporary style for standard résumé option—includes an illustrated portrait)

Curriculum Vitae

A professional summary showcasing career highlights—streamlining details and incorporating statement-making style.


Professional Bio

A document that presents the essentials of your professional story with style.

$250 – Standard (for entry- to mid-level managers)

$325 – Executive (for senior executives and top-level managers)

$525 – Public Figure

$125 – Short Form


A unique narrative projecting a befitting image of a loved one lost.

Newspaper Obituary

From $125 

Traditional Program Insert

$295 – Single-Page  Copy

$750 – Two-Page Copy

Nontraditional Memorial

From $550


Voice-over Script

Text written to convey your message so that it reflects your business voice and the best tone for capturing interest.

Radio or TV Commercial

$1,000/$1,250/$1,450 (15-Second/30-Second/60-Second)

Brochure • Rack Card

Content created to dynamically trigger a quick connection with prospects.


$1,800/$3,600   [4-Page/8-Page]

$5,400/$7,200   [12-Page/16-Page]

Rack Card


Sales Letter

A magnetic and memorable tool written and styled to prompt customers to take the next step in your sales process.


Public Relations

Press Release

An engaging announcement, avoiding keyword potholes to optimize your story for search engine discovery.


Written Media Statement

A customized tool to get your story or feelings out in words that reflect you in the best light.



Comprehensive publication development—for internal dissemination or community outreach (includes naming, layout design, article research/interviews, article writing).

$1,500/$3,000/$4,500   (8-page/12-Page/16-Page)

Fact Sheet

An interest-packed one-sheet profiling information in a variety of forms.


Price-Quoted Services

Voice-over Script (Short Film)

Text developed to project your business voice in a tone consistent with your image, mission, and vision.

Annual Report

An exceptional tool to help tell your organization’s story, further strategic goals, and win public trust.

Webpage Copy/Articles

The right messaging & optimization features built into your pages to craft a strong online footprint.

Social Media Content

Strategy and content developed to promote your products or services and your brand as a reputable industry player.

Crisis Communications Coaching

Strategy and content developed to meet crisis communications demands, including core messaging sculpting, media management (interview preparation and press conference preparation).


Copy Editing – examines the grammar and mechanics of a piece, that checks writing at the sentence level for punctuation, spelling, style, etc.

Line Editing – includes all of the functions of copy editing, along with comments on the work’s various literary elements, e.g., character, plot/theme, structure, writing style, writing voice, and readability.

Developmental Editing – provides a comprehensive critique, including copy editing, line editing, and global feedback, e.g., from line/sentence-level voice analysis to overall message/story trajectory.

Memoir Development

Assessment, editing, and/or writing to help you project your story in a captivating way that expresses your voice. Anchored by an attention to detail that coaxes your story to unfold organically and powerfully.