company publications

Highlight your organization with memorable narratives.

What Weakens Many Company Publications

Dull Content

Commonplace topics and ordinary treatments seldom spark interest, making your publication seem bland.

Poor Depth

Lack of thoroughness makes a publication vulnerable to scrutiny & critique, detracting from the tool's purposes.

Faulty Info

Disseminating flawed data suggests carelessness, ignorance, or incompetence—all scarring images.

Stiff Design

Unimaginative elements can saddle a document with excessive formality, distancing the reader.

Our Features

  • We help you explore narrative angles that can distinguish your article, newsletter, fact sheet, or annual report. Specializing in putting creative twists on topic development and treatment, our team offers you an array of content options. 
  • The Formey Touch does the research necessary to produce sound pieces. Our team works with you to identify what to include to cover the subject at hand sufficiently. Then we search for and rely on the best sources. 
  • Because accuracy is golden, we work with you to filter data through a system of checks. We examine statements and statistics individually and within the context of the story that’s being told. And if a discrepancy can’t be readily resolved, we develop a workaround.
  • We use layout designs, visuals, and color schemes to produce documents with a fresh appeal. Appreciating the weight that visuals carry, we select high-quality, eye-catching photos and illustrations to complement the text we write for you. Also, where appropriate, we include charts, graphs, and sidebars to add engagement depth.